Marika Niko (she/they) is a choreographer, mover, and thinker from Japan. After being a nomad for most of her life ‒ Thailand, UK, the Netherlands, UAE, Japan ‒ she is currently based in the US. She graduated from New York University Abu Dhabi with a BA in Theater and Duke University’s Dance: Embodied interdisciplinary Praxis with an MFA in Dance.

They are interested in using choreography as a tool to imagine, rehearse, and experience alternative forms of social organization. As a choreographer, curator, facilitator, and community-organizer, she creates situations that weave different relationships among humans, non-humans, space, and time. Their ongoing work Meshroom (2022 to present) proposes alternative and interdisciplinary ways of relating and thinking through dance by drawing upon two movement disciplines: social choreography and Japanese butoh.

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