Marika Niko is a dancer, choreographer, and costume designer. She is from Japan, but has been a nomad for the longest years moving from Thailand to the U.K., Japan to the Netherlands, and the U.S. to the United Arab Emirates. There, she graduated from New York University Abu Dhabi with a B.A. in Theater.
Marika’s work is about the intersections of embodiment and materiality. Through experimentation, her work becomes a series of ongoing mental exercises to critically engage, and ask questions about, herself and what it means to be living in a human material body. In sharing her work with others she seeks to build more body-thinkers in the world and through this collective and conscious embodiment, find new meanings. Marika is interested in using both the physical and philosophical practices of Butoh as a means of exploring how these material bodies correlate to personal and collective memory. She is also a part of the arts collective, Tooth n'Fang.