Meshroom is a performance environment that forms an intellectual/intentional community around an open dancefloor. It is a space for transcending narrow languages, ungrounding from fixed realities and co-creating temporary worlds in movement. Meshroom is shaped by the movement, dreams, hopes and queerness of everyone in the room: It is a weaving of wild minds and soft bodies. All visitors are welcome to move, rest, witness, think, melt and dance with live music and occasional performances.

Meshroom was initially conceptualized with the aim to build a communal environment that centers the body in how people think and move in response to how dance played a minor role in the overall expectation of knowledge production within Duke University.

During the two-hour events, the night fluidly oscillated between an open explorative space where all visitors could choose their mode of participation – move, think, meditate, rest, read, etc. – and occasional performances where visitors witnessed a performance offering by movement artists in the community.

Past Meshroom Productions
  • 3/3/22 The Ark, Durham (USA)
  • 3/31/22 The Ark, Durham (USA)
  • 7/7/22 The Ark, Durham (USA)
  • 9/21/22 The Ark, Durham (USA)
  • 11/17/22 The Ark. Durham (USA)
  • 2/23/23 The Ark, Durham (USA)
  • 9/23/23 von der Heyden Studio Theater, Durham (USA)
  • 11/30/23 The Fruit, Durham (USA)
  • 2/9/24 von der Heyden Studio Theater, Durham (USA)
  • 2/27/24 UNCG School of Dance, Greensboro (USA)
  • Supported by
  • Laboratory for Social Choreography, Kenan Institute of Ethics
  • Bass Connections: Performing Embodied Communities
  • Duke University MFA in Dance: Embodied Interdisciplinary Praxis
  • Duke University MFA in Experimental & Documentary Arts
  • Duke University Computational Media, Arts & Cultures
  • Duke Arts
  • University of North Carolina Greensboro School of Dance
  • Credits
  • Curator: Marika Niko
  • Musical Curator: Michael Grigoni
  • Co-founder: Leo Ryan and Marika Niko
  • Writings
  • Marika Niko, MFA in Dance ’23: Meshroom
  • A Q&A with co-founder of Meshroom Marika Niko
  • Forthcoming: "Meshroom: Choreographing Communities." In Special Issue Choreographing Society for the Arts Journal, edited by Purnima Shah.
  • Photo by Yasaman Baghban
    Courtesy of Duke Arts, Photo by Chris Charles
    Courtesy of Duke Arts, Photo by Bren Vienrich-Felling
    Courtesy of Duke Arts, Photo by John West, Trinity Communications

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